Stop making bad hires.

Get a candidate's full story using deep reference checks and state-of-the-art assessments. Reduce bias and make the right hire every time.

Confirm helps you hire the right people.


Get the full story from references

Confirm gathers feedback from secondary and backchannel references.


Expand your talent pipeline

Nearly half of your candidate's references will become passive candidates that expand your talent pool.


Test for company and role fit

Use scientifically proven assessments to identify traits and verify candidate compatibility.


Hire inclusively

Use Confirm early in your hiring process to reduce bias and avoid passing on qualified candidates.

Supercharge your hiring with data.

Confirm uses proven, quantitative methods to assess candidate quality. Built-in benchmarking tools compare your candidates to others in the industry.

Say goodbye to the old way of hiring.

Reduce bias and increase objectivity instead of relying on hunches. Confirm brings data to your hiring process, backed by decades of scientific research.

Traditional hiring
Reference checks Provide little new information Industry-leading reference checks that stack rank your candidates
Intelligence/EQ testing Not typically done Evaluate candidates with data using scientifically proven testing
Industry ranking Not possible See how your candidate compares with others in their industry

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